About Us

Sales.com.au was purchased at auction in 2002.

It is privately owned & 100% Australian.

Our aim is to gain market share in the online classifieds market in Australia. We will provide a FREE online classifieds service for all Australian's, both Business & Private Sellers.

Our belief is that Internet should be FREE. Example's of this are Google & Facebook. They provide many services, all FREE and rank as the biggest and most popular company's on the Internet.

By offering a FREE service we intend to gain traffic which will create revenue through advertising networks. This will cover day to day running expenses ( Hosting, Technical Support ect )

There is no office in a high rise city building, we are like most other Internet start-ups and work from a spare bedroom at home.

Help us take on the "big boys" by supporting our website, list your items for sale and buy from our members.

Spread the word to your family and friends - Sales.com.au - Buy & Sell FREE.



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