The decisions of the management is final.

2. Posting of spam is prohibited and posters of such information will have there account terminated.

3. An email address or domain name may not be used in the Title or Sub-Title of any listing. Additionally they cannot be used as your Personal Name or Business Name. If your business name is the same as your domain name we will allow it.

4. A valid email address is required to register for

5. Abusive, harassing, hateful, obscene, profane, threatening, vulgar or any material which is considered illegal is not permitted. Ignorance of any law being violated will not be accepted as an excuse or reason.

6. Copyrighted material may not be posted without the permission of the copyright holder, this includes copying of material found on to other places or sites.

7. Each member is permitted to have one account. Any subsequent accounts if discovered after the fact will be deleted, attempts to register more than one account may lead to the original account being banned or removed as well.

8. Contacting members to promote products, sell products or offer a competing service is prohibited. This is considered SPAM.

Listing of information which is known to be false or which is reasonably considered to be false is not permitted.

10. cannot be held responsible for any material posted by members. Objectionable material may reported to us, and may be removed after being reviewed.

11. No posting of pictures or references of an illegal nature. No gore, death, porn or anything of a sexual nature.  No exceptions.

12. The rules and policies of are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

13. Where questions regarding the interpretation of these rules occurs, the interpretation and decision of will be considered correct.

14. reserves the right to limit or remove access to the website of anyone at any time.

15. Business owners who register with agree by registering an account, that assumes no liability for loss of business or exposure that may occur should they have access to removed or restricted.

16. No affilaite links or banner to be posted in any listings.

17. Action may be taken against any member who motors any act that is intent on devaluing and/or the reputation of and staff.

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